YCS Vent Fan YCS Vent Fan YCS Vent Fan
YCS Vent Fan YCS Vent Fan YCS Vent Fan

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YCS Vent Fan

The YCS Vent Fan is code approved for continuous exhaust ventilation for unvented crawlspaces at a rate equal to 1 cubic foot per minute. The product is designed to meet the ICC residential code. Adjustable
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A) Interior Fan (installed inside crawl space and pushes air out)
B) Exterior Fan (installed outside with weather shield, pulls air out)


  • Extends the life of a dehumidifier
  • Fits in 8” x 16” vents
  • Can be trimmed for smaller holes
  • Powered by 110 volt industrial plug
Size: 8” x 16” Color: black


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A Closer Look

This innovative product will extend the life of your home’s dehumidifier, and it’s extremely simple to install!


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