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We provide a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier that will encapsulate your customers' basements.
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Easy, Cost-Effective & Energy Efficient
Solutions for a Clean, Dry and Safe Crawlspace 877-44-CRAWL (27295)

A Quicker, Better & More Efficient Wall Attachment System for Vapor Barriers. Permanent with NO Mechanical Fasteners.

A Breakthrough innovation for the foundation of every home. No mechanical fasteners or special adhesives needed.
Our patented vapor barrier system enables fast, flawless installation for permanent home protection.
The Your Crawlspace vapor barrier system was designed to resolve efficiency, health, and safety issues for installers and homeowners. Unlike competitors, Your Crawlspace never endangers the home's foundation wall and is compatible with rigid board, spray foam, and fiberglass insulation applications.
If your job demands the safest, strongest crawl space solution available anywhere, call now for pricing: (877) 442-7295.
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The YourCrawlspace System - Crawlspace Encapsulation and Vapor Barrier liner.
This will attach to virtually any foundation surface, much like the wall curtain, but allows you to use any wall material. Again, a patented, NO MECHANICAL FASTENERS way to permanently attach wall liners. Watch How The Wall Attachment Tape Works Here.

The only solution for Crawl Space Sealing and Encapsulation!
This is the fastest, safest, sealed, permanent wall attachment system available. Attaches to virtually any foundation surface , wet, dirty, rough, smooth, stone, new or old block, new or old brick, wood, etc. All this with NO MECHANICAL FASTENERS, just our patented, cross link, activation strip. See How the Crawl Curtain Works Here.

Find Out More about how The Your Crawlspace Curtain works in your basement.
You may be curious about what you will get when you order from us. Find out what to expect when you buy our products. What is included as well as what the package will look like. Watch the video here to learn what is included in our Crawlspace Kits and to see what we will deliver to you.

Your Crawlspace's vapor barrier is patented to be faster and more efficient.
If you are ready to order some of our products, you can now do so online. Visit our online store and browse the many different products that we offer. Visit our Online Store.
VOC-compliant materials are safe for contractors and the customer's home. Our Crawl Curtain will never damage foundation walls or mortar joints.

You can rest assured that our vapor barrier is virtually indestructible. The Crawl Curtain will last as long as the foundation wall.

Your Crawlspace systems are designed to thoroughly and permanently seal a crawlspace. Our proprietary, toxic-free liner will keep moisture out.
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The Your Crawlspace System uses only the safest and strongest materials. Our low-VOC construction is quality assured.
To inquire, call us toll-free at 877-44-CRAWL (877-442-7295).
Contractors and distributors may also contact us at 843-543-9003.

Your Crawlspace, Inc. pioneered crawlspace encapsulation in the southeast and has been a leader in crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier innovation nationally. By controlling crawlspace moisture, the company has been protecting houses and making homes healthier, safer, and more comfortable for almost a decade. In consultation with the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Laboratories, YourCrawlSpace developed a patented system that is cost-effective, durable, and safe. The system has undergone extensive testing in our offices as well as in the field, in Oak Ridge Laboratory’s ZEBRAlliance project test homes, and by Our Town Habitat for Humanity’s System Vision houses in the Charlotte, NC area. Your Crawlspace sells its vapor barrier system to distributors, contractors, and wholesalers nationally. All of our materials are made in the USA and Canada.
Crawlspace conditioning is proven to protect a home's foundation, prevent structural damage, improve your customer's quality of life, and lower utility bills to save money by increasing insulation efficiency. From our main office in Pawleys Island SC, Your Crawlspace provides its system to retailers, wholesalers, and contractors nationally. Call 877-44-CRAWL today to discuss your individual crawlspace issues, or 843-543-9003 to explore wholesaling, retailing or contracting opportunities.
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