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The Crawl Curtain

The vapor barrier system is one-of-a-kind. Because of our proprietary non-toxic formula, the patented Crawl Curtain is a contractor’s safest option, and by eliminating the necessity for invasive installation, the system preserves the home’s structural integrity. The low-VOC Crawl Curtain protects the customer’s living space from damaging moisture.

What is it, exactly?

The multilayer reinforced Crawl Curtain is a vapor barrier adapted for vertical installation on a foundation wall. The Crawl Curtain is 12 mils thick, yet lightweight and malleable enough for any application.

Is it safe?

The Your Crawlspace Crawl Curtain emits no toxic, flammable, or potentially explosive fumes. The product was designed to improve the health of the homeowner and the safety of the contractor. No more “sick building syndrome.” The non-invasive curtain system ensures that the home’s structural integrity is never compromised.

Is it reliable?

The Crawl Curtain has been tested in our offices and in the field on every combination of clean, dirty, and wet concrete block and brick foundation. A secure attachment and permanent seal was achieved in every case.

Is it strong?

That block weighs almost 40 pounds and the Crawl Curtain was attached with nothing more than our proprietary, toxic-free formula. You be the judge.

The Difference

Innovation That’s Built to Last

The advanced vapor barrier system developed by Your Crawlspace will significantly improve the health of a home. There is no better material available to seal foundation walls and piers, anywhere.

Your Crawlspace is the only system that uses low VOC materials and assures optimal performance for years to come.

The Crawl Curtain
Crawlspace experts agree that it is necessary to seal the vapor barrier to the foundation wall and support piers. Until now, no method existed that was both safe and durable. The Your Crawlspace system uses a unique, long-lasting curtain that not only prevents mold and mildew but bolsters the effectiveness of a home’s existing insulation. Your client can rest assured that not only is the home’s crawlspace protected, but due to improved insulation, his electricity bills will substantially decrease as well.

The Vapor Barrier
The heart of our system is our proprietary crawl space liner. At 12 mils thick, it is constructed of multiple lightweight layers which makes it highly tear and puncture-resistant. The barrier is waterproof, flexible, fire resistant, ultraviolet light tolerant, and strong enough to work, walk or crawl on. White on one side to keep your crawl space brighter than ever, our liner is also naturally antimicrobial to help minimize the likelihood of mold and mildew growth.

Damage-free System
Any contractor knows how black powder nailers can compromise the integrity of a foundation wall.The Your CrawlSpace system does not require harmful nailers, and instead, employs its own innovative, strong and safe application method.

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