Health Concerns, Structural Damage, & Energy Savings

A Dry Crawlspace Means a Happy & Healthy Customer

As we all know, in the right conditions, and in only a matter of hours, mold populations in a a damp, leaky crawlspace can skyrocket. When these spores mix with the natural bottom-to-top airflow in a house, they create a very unhealthy environment for people. Inhaling mold-infested crawlspace air can cause respiratory problems, congestion, and irritation of the skin, eye, nose and throat.

Up to half of the air inhaled on the first floor of a home comes from the crawlspace. If the humidity level in the crawlspace is high, there will be increased humidity in the living space. Furthermore, if there is mold or mildew in the crawlspace, it is likely there will be mold, mildew and musty odors in the house. Eliminating crawlspace moisture through Your Crawlspace’s innovative system is a proven, permanent solution to improving your customers’ health.

Calling All Contractors: Do You Know All the Signs of Rot?

When any home is constructed over an exposed dirt crawlspace, it’s a recipe for disaster. The ground below most homes contains large amounts of moisture — which enters the crawlspace as water vapor and, in some cases, may even become puddled water. When you combine that moisture with the dark and dank conditions of a crawlspace, you have a noxious, destructive environment where mold thrives and spreads at an alarming rate across any organic material. Rot and decay set in and eventually lead to structural damage of floor joists and framing as well as other serious problems.

Watch for a warped or buckling condition in floors (known as “cupping”), excessive humidity levels in the living area, mildewed carpets, musty odors, peeling paint, rust, and damp sheetrock and concrete.

A whole host of pests including termites, cockroaches, spiders, and mice love these dark and musty places, too. And where there are rodents, snakes aren’t far behind. Consider what you’ll need to control these pests.

A Clean Crawlspace is an Efficient Investment.

It’s a fact that homes built over exposed crawlspaces typically have higher heating and cooling costs than those with closed spaces. There are a number of reasons for this. For example, when the crawlspace is not properly insulated, there’s no way to control the amount of unconditioned air entering or exiting the crawlspace.

In the summer, hot air enters the crawlspace from the outside, causing condensation on the cooler air-conditioning ductwork and plumbing pipes in the crawlspace, adding to the moisture issues in the crawlspace. Since warm air rises, this infiltration of hot air requires your home’s air-conditioning system to work a lot harder as it struggles to cool and condition the areas affected by the hot air rising from below the home.

A similar situation occurs in winter, when colder outside air enters the crawlspace. The air chills the floors of your home, making them feel cold to the touch. Your heating system is taxed as it works to heat both the floor and the cold air seeping in from below.

With a proven, cost-effective system by Your Crawlspace, you can expect to save 18% or more on your home’s annual heating and cooling costs because your crawlspace will be fully insulated keeping the air beneath your home dry and at an even temperature year round.

Check out our informational downloads to learn more about crawlspaces from the experts at AdvancedEnergy.

Seasonal Energy Use and Savings
Properly closing the crawlspace produces significant average savings in energy usage.

Crawlspace and Outdoor Dew Point Temperature
With a closed crawlspace, the dew point is regulated to more favorable levels.

Crawlspace and Outdoor Relative Humidity
Relative humidity is significantly reduced.

Average Daily Crawlspace and Outdoor Temperatures
Crawlspace temperatures in a home with a closed crawlspace are more consistent over a year than those inside a home without one. This means less contrast between living area temperatures, resulting in lower energy needed to heat and cool your home.

Source: Advanced Energystrong

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Your Crawl Space, Inc, Waterproofing Materials, Mount Pleasant, SC

Evan Claus
Evan Claus
19:22 20 Jun 17
Great service, great product, and I am very happy with the final results of my crawl space. I called several times to ask for help on the installation process and the individuals who I spoke with were extremely helpful and took the time to properly explain the installation process. Along with the results, I was highly impressed with the knowledgeable group of employees who are willing to go that went the extra mile to help me through the install.
Erica Hanway
Erica Hanway
23:08 29 Mar 17
Excellent product, excellent customer service. We used their wall curtain, adhesive tape, caulk and 36mil vapor barrier. I am wrapping up an installation of an encapsulated crawl space in a new construction house by myself (a female) in North Florida. I was dead-set on us doing the encapsulation ourselves and not hiring it out in order to save money. My husband and neighbor chuckled/rolled their eyes when I said I would just do it myself...and I showed them! I think I have watched every video out there about every product that exists for an encapsulation and when I saw Your Crawlspace's system and the fact that it didn't need bolts screwed into our new stem wall, I was immediately interested. The owner called me soon after I submitted questions online and answered them. Their prices were below other products and were SO much easier to work with than what I would expect had I needed to drill into the stem wall. They estimated what I would need and I had very little waste. They called or emailed me to answer any little questions I had along the way. You can tell they know the issues in a crawl space, they've invented proven products that work, and they are a good family-owned business. I know I saved a bunch of money doing it myself. I was patient and did a few hours at a time, but it wasn't anything that a halfway fit person couldn't do on the their own. I hope I can make it up to Charleston to shake their hands, because they've been great to work with and it's a great product!
Bob Landuyt
Bob Landuyt
21:04 17 May 17
Both Bennie and HB were very helpful in assisting with what was needed to complete my encapsulation project the right way as well as with what was not needed and would have been unnecessary expense. Their system is user friendly which in turn made for an efficient installation. This was our first time doing a crawl space encapsulation and I would recommend their product for both the experienced or the novice like myself. Thanks again for all your help Your Crawlspace!
Tom H
Tom H
19:57 02 Aug 17
The folks at YCS were very helpful and friendly in deciding which products to use. Pictures are before and after of our crawlspace project. Hanging the crawl curtain with the sealant was easy, cutting the 36mil ground vapor barrier to size and placing it was easy, using the seam tape to secure the crawl curtain on the piers to the floor vapor barrier and to open floor seams was fairly easy (pulling the stuff off the roll takes some effort, is there a quick release backing version?), taping the seams around the perimeter was a pain because of how sticky the tape was and needing to make it a 90 degree corner. It often got stuck to itself, the curtain, or the vapor barrier where it wasn't intended (even when taking our time). We finally decided to pull out about 3' of tape, fold it lengthwise with non-sticky side against itself, attach to the floor material first, then roll up the side. Approaching the end, we found I hadn't estimated enough seam tape (left out a seam, cuts in material to go around piers, or both); needed about 40 feet more. Left a message on the YCS web site with a follow up phone call the next morning for another roll. They shipped immediately and billed me. I recommend YCS put out a video on the best way to tape wall curtain to floor material with seam tape. Perhaps the answer is to use Seam Weld tape on top of the 36 mil product with the curtain material on top, but I thought the wall curtain belonged underneath. We got it done (well, most of it) and it looks good, has dropped the radon level to .4 and falling (with an extraction fan/pipe under the fabric), and I think the humidity level will drop as soon as the last few seams are done and given a little time for the insulation/wood to give it up.
Gretchen Thigpen
Gretchen Thigpen
16:15 11 May 17
We received everything we needed to do a complete encapsulation of a crawlspace in Texas. Crawling around with about 18" of clearance wasn't the most ideal conditions, but the YCS system made it fairly easily. We use the wall curtain which was super easy to put up with the adhesive. The 36 mil vapor barrier was easy to work with. It was flexible enough for us to squish it underneath plumbing pipes about 3" off the ground. The ordering was easy as YCS calculated everything we needed based on the information we gave and we had very little waste at the end. I would highly recommend these products.
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Guitar Lessons Houston Guitar lessons Houston
17:22 23 Aug 17
I found the your crawlspace information online after doing a google search. I needed to replace a 10 year old installation that that was failing. Bennie was very helpful and spent a lot of time with me making sure I had everything I needed to have a successful install. The new system is much better than my previous one. I used a 2 foot wall curtain and the magic adhesive which went on flawlessly. The 36 mil floor barrier is also far superior than the previous 12 mil liner that I used and much easier to work with. The new tape also made sealing the floor seams much easier. Took about 2 days total to tear out the old system and install the new with just 2 people. I saved about $6000 doing it myself as apposed to hiring a company who would have installed an inferior system. Thanks very much
Aaron Robel
Aaron Robel
15:37 16 Sep 17
I found the products provided by your crawlspace after 3 months of research and prep to replace my crawlspace vapor barrier. Mostly that was a debate with myself on encapsulated or not. Primarily I have been on a 2 year tear with my crawlspace after smelling a musty odor in the home and finding a lake under my home. The first thing I did was build an external french drain around the home. This mitigated 80% of the issue the next year but I did still have water. So... This year I trenched another french drain inside my crawlspace. But I was still concerned about water so I wanted a water tight vapor barrier system. Yes, here is finally the part you care about. Specs: 1. 18" crawlspace - I'm 6'4" so this is VERY challenging to work in. It's also a good workout. Just got to adjust your perception. 2. 1090 sq ft of crawlspace 3. 14 round pilings to wrap 4. Poured concrete foundation walls I chose this system for the following reasons: 1. Wall Curtain system: This was a dream. The simple use of the sealant and 2 foot curtain is something I didn't see from any other system and it made a huge difference in effort. I was able to hang the wall curtain in 3 hours by myself. The system made this possible. I was worried about the strength of just using sealant after so much research showing butyl tape and pins but it's strong I tested it a number of times through the process. 2. Seam sealer: I didn't see any other system recommend to use a seam sealer tape as recommended by this system. This was key in my application because I wanted to have a watertight installation. I had seen too many reviews and mistakes with just tape sealing and how water will seep through. I didn't want this. This installation was VERY challenging for me in my tight crawlspace. I wish that there was an option to have this preinstalled on at least the wall curtain. I wasn't able to do the quality job I was looking for just because of variations in the ground as I tried to put down the seal tape. Part of this was my fault. I should have pre-installed it myself before putting up the wall curtain but hindsight is 20/20. 3. Service: I called HB at your crawlspace and he was quickly able to determine my needs answer my questions and get my order sent out quickly. Much appreciated. 4. Videos: I really appreciated all the how to videos provided. It's really all you need to get things going. You will run into challenges like how to wrap pilings and how to manage sealing around plumbing and other things in your crawl but as far as the system goes the videos are all you need. Youtube the rest.
Bill M
Bill M
10:40 18 Oct 17
I decided to go diy to seal up my crawl space. I already had a 16mil vapor barrier on the floor. I used the wall curtain/adhesive and the install went really well. It is much faster than the old way with foundation pins and butyl tape. I didnt even clean the walls. Apply the adhesive with a caulk gun and press the wall curtain into it. The next day I went back and taped up all my seams. Shipping was fast and the product worked great. Great company.
Laura McGourthy
Laura McGourthy
17:33 23 Oct 17
After watching the instructional videos I called to order the supplies I needed to install the vapor barrier. I was pleasantly surprised that when I called I Benny himself answered! He helped walk me through the products and quantities I needed, the product was shipped same day and exactly the right amount of product I needed was delivered. The adhesive with the tape attached does need one day to cure before applying the wall curtain. The adhesive is SUPER strong, the vapor barrier was easy to roll out. We were applying over dirt, rock and gravel and the vapor barrier did not puncture. The space transformed from dark,dirty and unusable to bright, white, clean and usable. Thanks for all your help, Bennie! Very professional and was there to take my follow up calls also! I tried to post more photos but it would only allow me to upload 3.
Tim Capriani
Tim Capriani
10:45 01 Nov 17
We use these products commercially. You can't ask for a better product and service. Great system!!! Awesome service!!
Jay Cunningham
Jay Cunningham
18:55 13 Nov 17
Bought a whole system with a Aprilaire 1820 dehumidifier. HB gave me lots of tips and was very helpful. Total cost was around $1800 for all of the materials and dehumidifier. Saved a boatload of money. My son and I did the whole thing over a weekend. Humidity was over 90% before and now is down to to 50%. Quality materials. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to do this themselves.
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