Health Concerns, Structural Damage, & Energy Savings

A Dry Crawlspace Means a Happy & Healthy Customer

As we all know, in the right conditions, and in only a matter of hours, mold populations in a a damp, leaky crawlspace can skyrocket. When these spores mix with the natural bottom-to-top airflow in a house, they create a very unhealthy environment for people. Inhaling mold-infested crawlspace air can cause respiratory problems, congestion, and irritation of the skin, eye, nose and throat.

Up to half of the air inhaled on the first floor of a home comes from the crawlspace. If the humidity level in the crawlspace is high, there will be increased humidity in the living space. Furthermore, if there is mold or mildew in the crawlspace, it is likely there will be mold, mildew and musty odors in the house. Eliminating crawlspace moisture through Your Crawlspace’s innovative system is a proven, permanent solution to improving your customers’ health.

Calling All Contractors: Do You Know All the Signs of Rot?

When any home is constructed over an exposed dirt crawlspace, it’s a recipe for disaster. The ground below most homes contains large amounts of moisture — which enters the crawlspace as water vapor and, in some cases, may even become puddled water. When you combine that moisture with the dark and dank conditions of a crawlspace, you have a noxious, destructive environment where mold thrives and spreads at an alarming rate across any organic material. Rot and decay set in and eventually lead to structural damage of floor joists and framing as well as other serious problems.

Watch for a warped or buckling condition in floors (known as “cupping”), excessive humidity levels in the living area, mildewed carpets, musty odors, peeling paint, rust, and damp sheetrock and concrete.

A whole host of pests including termites, cockroaches, spiders, and mice love these dark and musty places, too. And where there are rodents, snakes aren’t far behind. Consider what you’ll need to control these pests.

A Clean Crawlspace is an Efficient Investment.

It’s a fact that homes built over exposed crawlspaces typically have higher heating and cooling costs than those with closed spaces. There are a number of reasons for this. For example, when the crawlspace is not properly insulated, there’s no way to control the amount of unconditioned air entering or exiting the crawlspace.

In the summer, hot air enters the crawlspace from the outside, causing condensation on the cooler air-conditioning ductwork and plumbing pipes in the crawlspace, adding to the moisture issues in the crawlspace. Since warm air rises, this infiltration of hot air requires your home’s air-conditioning system to work a lot harder as it struggles to cool and condition the areas affected by the hot air rising from below the home.

A similar situation occurs in winter, when colder outside air enters the crawlspace. The air chills the floors of your home, making them feel cold to the touch. Your heating system is taxed as it works to heat both the floor and the cold air seeping in from below.

With a proven, cost-effective system by Your Crawlspace, you can expect to save 18% or more on your home’s annual heating and cooling costs because your crawlspace will be fully insulated keeping the air beneath your home dry and at an even temperature year round.

Check out our informational downloads to learn more about crawlspaces from the experts at AdvancedEnergy.

Seasonal Energy Use and Savings
Properly closing the crawlspace produces significant average savings in energy usage.

Crawlspace and Outdoor Dew Point Temperature
With a closed crawlspace, the dew point is regulated to more favorable levels.

Crawlspace and Outdoor Relative Humidity
Relative humidity is significantly reduced.

Average Daily Crawlspace and Outdoor Temperatures
Crawlspace temperatures in a home with a closed crawlspace are more consistent over a year than those inside a home without one. This means less contrast between living area temperatures, resulting in lower energy needed to heat and cool your home.

Source: Advanced Energystrong

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