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Your Crawlspace Solutions Perfect for Your Business

We’ve been in the crawl space business for years, so long that we’ve crafted our own, one-of-a-kind solution for consumers looking to encapsulate their leaking, moldy or otherwise unusable crawl spaces.

Even if your crawl space is in working condition, encapsulation can be a smart, proactive measure homeowners can take to prevent future problems from arising.

Our innovative products make insulation and encapsulation a breeze, making Your Crawlspace not only a fantastic choice for consumers, but an invaluable resource for contractors and construction professionals. We have the technology to help you increase your project offering, clearing the way for more opportunities and a business partnership you can feel confident in.

Who Is Your Crawlspace?

We’re a team of crawl space experts with a robust encapsulation system that’s patented, non-mechanical and properly sealed for safe installation and lasting results. The Your Crawlspace Vapor Barrier system is the only solution on the market that can provide crawl space support like no other.

We offer Southeastern crawl space products that lead industry thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, patented systems and transparent partnerships that make crawl space repair in South Carolina and the surrounding areas affordable, effective and all-encompassing.

How Your Crawlspace Helps Businesses Succeed

There are plenty of problems that come with crawl spaces. Water damage can impact property foundation, rodent infestation can cause lasting impacts and improper insulation can lead to skyrocketing oil, electric and gas bills.

That’s why it’s important for you and your team to have the best supplies and solutions on hand to alleviate consumer pain points. Not only does partnering with Your Crawlspace help build your offerings, but it also helps your business establish proven expertise that will keep customers coming back for more.

When you work with our crawl space products, you and your customers can feel confident with the quality of our products and processes. From vapor barriers to adhesives, tapes, drainage systems, crawl space dehumidifiers and more, we can provide your business with the tools you need to meet your consumers' ever-growing insulation and crawl space needs.

We have a large offering of solutions to help boost your business. Our full catalog of products includes:

Crawl space vapor barriers – wall and ground liners

  • Adhesives glues and tapes
  • Flood flaps
  • Access door and crawl space carts
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Cleaner
  • Vent covers
  • Accompanying accessories

We have a variety of professionals with direct access to our extensive line of products, from pest control experts to construction and plumbing professionals. We build products and solutions that are safe, easy to use and built to stand the test of time.

Not only do we have a vast collection of products that can help remediate a number of crawl space pain points – from pest invasion and water damage to rot and temperature loss – but we also offer unmatched customer service to keep you in the loop and satisfied.

We’re an engaged, transparent supplier of crawl space systems that’s here to answer any questions, solve any problems and provide the assistance and guidance you and your team need when determining the right products and steps to take towards success.

Our Crawl Space Track Record Speaks for Itself

Our partners – whether an encapsulation business, local contractor or individual looking to complete a crawl space project – have been using our products and working with our team for years, and they have the results that prove we know what we’re doing. But don’t ask us – see it for yourself.

Reviews From Our Partners

“We just got into the crawl space encapsulation business and everyone at Your Crawlspace has been a pleasure to deal with. They invited us down to their training facility in South Carolina, and my crew and I hit the road and learned all about the great line of products they offer from start to finish. Can't say enough about the team at Your Crawlspace and I look forward to working with them for years to come.”
- Jason, from The Mold Guys
“I am the business owner of Encapsulations Down Under based out of Muncie, Indiana. I have placed orders from Crawl Space Ninja, Crawl Space Depot and Your Crawlspace. I am now a 100-percent believer in YourCrawlSpace products.”
- Encapsulations Down Under
“Excellent customer service, product, and overall support!! The YCS product was easy to use, allows for quick installation and looks great. We completed a 3,000-square-foot crawl space in under a week with two people by staging the installation process. Outstanding support from the entire YCS Team!"
- Kathy Williams

High-Quality Support From Crawl Space Experts

Your Crawlspace is the leader in crawl space solutions with a host of products patented, perfected and put to the test to ensure your business and consumers can benefit quickly, easily and efficiently.

Whether you’re a local contractor, mid-size construction business or booming development company, Your Crawlspace is a trustworthy, innovative and professional crawl space solution provider that can open the door to additional project opportunities for you and your team.

We make it easy for your business to succeed, providing products that make an impact. Thanks to our patented technology, easy installation and lasting results, you can be sure that your next crawl space project can be tackled in no time flat.

Contractors and industry professionals need a crawl space solution that they can trust – and that’s why we take a ground-up approach, providing you with expertise and quality you can count on.

When you work with us, you can be sure of a simple, innovative, damage-free system that’s equipped to solve any and all crawl space issues safely and easily. And on top of that, our vapor barriers come with a 25-year guarantee.

Get your next crawl space insulation and encapsulation project on the books today with Your Crawlspace products at your side.

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