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The Advanced Technology Behind our Premium 45 Mil Vapor Barrier

One of the most essential components of the patented YCS crawlspace encapsulation system is a reinforced vapor barrier.

Your Crawlspace vapor barriers are designed for different jobs and preferences, but no matter which one you choose, these proprietary 100% pure polyethylene vapor barriers are stronger and more lightweight than anything on the market, plus they will never off-gas or grow mold. You can’t go wrong!

We currently offer a choice between 8 mil, 14 mil, 16 mil, 20 mil, 36 mil, or the premium 45 mil—the last of which we’re going to discuss in depth in this post. If you still need a little convincing on the importance of a vapor barrier, take a look at this blog written by one of our industry experts.

Now, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the technology behind our premium 45 mil vapor barrier.

Hello, Hydrophobic Technology

You may be wondering: how does it work? We’re glad you asked.

With hydrophobic technology, this product actually acts as a powerful drain mat, moving water out from the crawlspace and into a dedicated drainage system. Most standard vapor barriers simply separate the moisture from the crawlspace rather than rejecting it altogether.

The padded felt bottom of the 45 mil vapor barrier distributes water and soil gasses, literally pushing moisture out toward the edges of the liner and toward your drainage system to prevent it from collecting beneath the moisture barrier in the crawlspace. It’s so effective it can even move water uphill!

The high-tech coating on this product has a glossy finish, which allows the YCS Seam Tape to securely adhere to it and complete the seal. Thanks to this advanced technology, the YCS team recommends using this 45 mil vapor barrier in wet crawlspaces and on rocky crawlspace surfaces.

We’re so confident in this product, we even dedicated an entire episode of our Installation Insiders video series to discussing it. You can see a demo of the hydrophobic technology in action. Check it out!

YCS 45 Mil Ground Vapor Barrier: More Features & Benefits

This proprietary product is the most advanced ground vapor barrier on the market today. To create this unique product, our talented and knowledgeable team took two different products and combined them into one premium, custom-designed crawlspace solution.

This product is:

  • Puncture-proof
  • Extremely flexible (not stiff like many other vapor barriers)
  • Guaranteed free from off-gassing and mold growth, like all YCS vapor barrier products
  • Provides excellent adhesion to the YCS Vapor Barrier Seam Tape

Looking for advanced crawlspace products for your next job?

Look no further! The YCS team is dedicated to constantly innovating and designing new products that are specifically designed to create a complete seal in any crawlspace. No matter if your next job is big or small, we have the high-quality products you need.

If you’re looking for more information on our patented crawlspace encapsulation system, check out our website today.

Want to speak with one of our experienced YCS team members about your next job? We’re always here to help. Give us a call at 843-396-1510

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