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Updates with a Crawlspace Industry Expert

Blog Series Announcement with Don Richards

Your Crawlspace (YCS) recently launched their brand-new website, and I am excited to share that they have asked me to write a blog series to help them kick things off! As an industry expert formerly in the pest control business, I’ll be covering some very interesting content related to crawlspace vapor barriers, interviews with other professionals, DIY crawlspace encapsulation tips, and homeowner experiences. I hope you enjoy reading this blog series and find the topics helpful, informative, and fun!

As you know, Your Crawlspace is located in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina. Your Crawlspace was founded by Bennie Marshall as a company that installed crawlspace moisture systems for homeowners. As Bennie’s company grew, he developed a system specific to his company that proved, time and time again, to effectively and efficiently solve the issue of excess moisture in crawlspaces.

Over time, Bennie began developing his own products, like the types of poly used for the crawlspace moisture barriers, as well as the adhesives and tapes used to attach and seam the barriers together. In addition to selling these products to professionals and homeowners, Your Crawlspace now offers training on his proprietary installation system, so others can learn how to properly seal crawlspaces throughout the country.

I have been fortunate enough to get to know Bennie and his team at YCS over the last few years. I was a Region Manager with a national pest control company when I first met Bennie and his team. After extensive research and testing of his products, it did not take me long to understand how using Your Crawlspace products benefitted my customers and the company overall, saving cost and time.

Today, I am retired from that company after 32 years and have launched my own consulting firm, Don Richards Services, LLC. My experience with moisture control in crawlspaces led me to become one of the pioneers of innovative crawlspace encapsulation solutions with my previous company. So, it just made sense for me to team up with Your Crawlspace to share our combined knowledge and experiences for your benefit. I am grateful to Bennie and his team for the opportunity.

Enough background on us! Let’s focus on what we want to accomplish with this blog series. Spoiler alert! Our topics are going to be centered on controlling moisture in crawlspaces, as well as the products that can be used to reduce moisture under your house or business. This special series is designed to inform you of the threats associated with excess moisture in crawlspaces, what you can do to identify that threat, and the steps you can take to prevent or stop moisture before damage occurs.

We hope you will ask questions and give us feedback on these blogs. Together, we want to help you have a healthier and safer crawlspace. If you are a professional crawlspace system installer or pest control provider, we invite you to send us your questions and feedback.

Let’s have some fun!

Don Richards A.C.E., CPI

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