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Thinking about a do it yourself kit?

So, you’re thinking about improving the air quality of your home by encapsulating your crawlspace. Good idea. Now comes the decision whether to do it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you.

At Your Crawlspace, Inc, we have been selling encapsulating kits for more than six years. The kits include a 12 mil or a 23 mil woven, fire retardant, puncture resistant crawlspace liner that we believe is the best vapor barrier on the market today. Based on your measurements, we will custom cut it for ease of installation and to minimize waste.

At the moment, we recommend a fire retardant, insulating, waterproof, radiant barrier for the walls. The material is like foil-faced bubble-wrap. Depending on how it is installed, it will add as much as an R-4 insulation value to your walls. While the insulation value is most certainly an added benefit, it is not the reason we recommend the radiant barrier. We recommend it because it can be installed with a low VOC adhesive. No concrete nails, no furring strips, no Tapcon screws, no Ramset nailer, no hammer drill and no masonry bit. We have field-tested the wall system and it is installer-friendly and it works. Our system has been designed with the do it yourself homeowner in mind.

So, our kits include the floor vapor barrier, radiant/vapor barrier wall liner, adhesive for the installation of our wall liner and vinyl sealing tape. But when you purchase one of our kits, you are also purchasing our years of experience and our advice throughout the planning and the installation process.

Other than the materials in our kits, you will have a number of decisions to make concerning the insulation of the walls, the caulking and insulation of the rim joist, and conditioning the air. We won’t sell you the materials for these jobs. You can buy them cheaper at your local home center or hardware store. But we will tell you where you can buy them and we’ll advise you as to their installation. The installation is maybe a little labor intensive but not difficult in the least. All it takes is a little time and a little patience.

We recently video-taped the installation of our system for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Zebra Alliance project and the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge Tennessee. Among other things, we installed and are testing a patent pending wall system. Check out this video link. If nothing else, it shows just how easy it is to install our system. We provide our system to Habitat for Humanity in North and South Carolina and their volunteers, sometimes high-school students, install our kits and do a good job of it.

Still not convinced you want to do it yourself? If there is not an experienced installer in your area, we will help you find a handyman who can do the job for you. We'll tell you what questions you need to ask and we'll walk your contractor through the installation process. Give us a call or send us an Email to get started on a healthier home.

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