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The Your Crawlspace Vapor Barrier System Improves Quality and Profits

At Your Crawlspace, one thing we love to see are photos from happy customers Take a look at this picture of a completed crawlspace encapsulation from one of our customers in the North East. Talk about some fine work! This customer came to us looking for a better crawl space encapsulation system to offer his customers. So, what we did for him was provide a system, and a process, totally free of mechanical fasteners. Our goal was for him to save time on time on installation and be able to provide his customers with a higher quality and more efficient vapor barrier system.

As a result, his business has flourished! These photos show our patented crawl curtain, installed using our YCS Magic Sealant/Adhesive, on the walls and piers. The floor features our 34 mil drain mat ground vapor barrier and YCS seam tape. As you can see, the extra coatings on our liners, provide a glossy appearance that really shines!

Most importantly, by not using mechanical fasteners, not only do you eliminate putting 200 holes in the homes foundation, you get a clean, consistent SEAL. Because, if you are not truly sealing the vapor barrier to the wall, all you are doing is providing the ground moisture a different path to enter the crawlspace. The bottom line? A properly sealed system improves air quality, reduces operating cost, and prolongs the life of your crawlspace dehumidifier.

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