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The Magic of the Your Crawlspace System

I had a call this morning from a contractor who had purchased our magic adhesive to attach and seal a crawlspace vapor barrier to a foundation wall. He said it didn’t work. The Your Crawlspace recommended adhesive is a high quality magic adhesive. We tested many adhesives to attach and seal our wall vapor barrier (The Crawl Curtain) to foundation walls. We settled on our recommended adhesive for a number of reasons.

First, our magic adhesives are unique in that, like concrete, they cure rather than dry. When curing, polyurethane only off-gasses harmless CO, creating a healthy environment for installers as well as homeowners and their pets. And since water is a catalyst for polyurethane to cure, it is the ideal adhesive to use in a damp crawlspace environment.

Finally, of all the polyurethane adhesives tested, the Your Crawlspace recommended adhesive has the best initial “bite”, making installation quick and easy. The important thing to remember is that the magic of the Your Crawlspace vapor barrier system is NOT in the adhesive but in the patented Crawl Curtain.

Several years in development, the Crawl Curtain vapor barrier has an adhesive-sensitive strip that makes it adhere and seal to any foundation substrate in one simple step. No mechanical fasteners. No special tapes. No messy mastics. The magic is in the Crawl Curtain, not in the adhesive.

Why is that important? The Your Crawlspace system makes a time consuming and potentially dangerous job a safe and simple task. Our vapor barrier system creates no toxic VOCs and no dangerous dust. Most importantly, the Crawl Curtain will install in a fraction of the time it takes to use mechanical fasteners. The Your Crawlspace system can save days of man-hours. And you know what they say, in the construction business, time is money. So remember when ordering your vapor barrier materials, the magic of the Your Crawlspace system is in the Crawl Curtain not the adhesive.

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