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Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Labor Cost

If you ask most any general contractor, “Generally, what’s your biggest Job cost?” you’re most likely going to hear, “Labor.” There’s no doubt that labor costs are the biggest expense on most construction jobs. That is certainly true in the crawlspace business. Whether doing an encapsulation or just installing a quality vapor barrier system, all the experts including the US Department of Energy, the EPA, Advanced Energy, most utilities, and most state energy offices agree that it is necessary to attach and seal the vapor barrier to the foundation wall. While not difficult, there hasn’t been an efficient and effective way to accomplish the seemingly simple task.

Most contractors who do the job right usedTapcon screws, Ramset nailers or Hilti guns, furring strips nailed to the wall, or high-VOC adhesives in combination with tapes, plastic inserts, caulks, and mastics. These methods can be effective but create attachments of varying strength and are very labor intensive. In the construction business, “labor intensive” translates “expensive.” Our Crawlspace was granted patent for a product that cuts hours off a typical crawlspace vapor barrier installation.

The Crawl Curtain attaches and seals in one simple step. It can be installed on crawlspace walls in a fraction of the time of conventional methods. It is so easy to install that one of our customers installed our wall vapor barrier in a small crawlspace in less than three hours with only the help of his ten-year-old son’s Cub Scout pack! I estimate it would have taken two experienced men at least a full day to do the same job using mechanical fasteners. Two men, five hours. That’s a huge savings. And what about big jobs? I don’t know your labor rates but if I can save a full day’s labor for three men on any job, that will translate into a substantial savings that immediately goes to the bottom line.

The next crawlspace job you do, consider trying the Crawl Curtain and increase your profitability.

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