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Crawlspace Encapsulation - Saving Time and Money

We’re beginning to get some feedback on the Crawl Curtain, our patented vapor barrier that can be attached and sealed to a crawlspace foundation wall in a couple of simple steps.

Kevin, a first-time user of our materials installed the crawl curtain in a crawl space in two hours with the help of a Cub Scout Pack. Ten year olds!

Kevin’s crawlspace was small – about 700 square feet – with about 120 linear feet of foundation wall and nine support piers.

Before the advent of the Crawl Curtain, I would have estimated ten to twelve man-hours to seal the walls. The process would have involved the use of a double sided, butyl based mastic tape (expensive), drilling holes in the concrete foundation wall every two to three feet, inserting plastic anchors to hold the vapor barrier in place, and (in accordance with state weatherization guidelines) sealing the top of the vapor barrier with an exterior (solvent based) mastic. And using Cub Scouts for help? I wouldn’t have wanted children in the enclosed area of the crawlspace with the silica dust from drilling the holes and the toxic fumes from the solvent-based mastic.

Kevin used the Crawl Curtain. Using With the help of some children, instead of ten man-hours, Kevin installed the vapor barrier on the walls in two hours. No drilling holes. No expensive mastic tape. No plastic anchors. No high VOC liquid mastic. The important thing to remember is that the whole process was safe for even children. The Crawl Curtain attached and sealed in one step with low VOC, nontoxic adhesive. And it’s permanent. He’ll never have to do it again.

So, if time is money as they say, using the YourCrawlSpace Crawl Curtain will save hundreds of dollars in man hours. And do it safely. There is not a better way to attach and seal a crawlspace vapor barrier to a foundation wall.

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