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Crawlspace Encapsulation Methods: Traditional vs. the YCS System

We all know the benefits of properly encapsulating the crawlspace—both for the health of the home and the family inside it. If you need a refresher, take it back to basics with our Crawlspace 101 resources. We break it all down for you, from the problem to the YCS System solution.

There are several different encapsulation methods that are common in the industry, but there can be some pretty major downsides to the traditional systems.

Read on to learn more about how the YCS System stacks up against traditional crawlspace encapsulation systems, so you can have 100% confidence in your crawlspace seal.

Permanent Peace of Mind

When it comes to crawlspace encapsulation, the system is only as good as its seal. If any moisture makes its way through the vapor barrier, then the home will continue to suffer from mold growth, mildew, pest problems, and potentially poor air quality. An open seal causes the dehumidifier to work overtime.

The innovative YCS System offers the only true non-mechanical seal in the industry, which means that the crawlspace will be properly sealed after a simple one-time installation. Plus, Your Crawlspace vapor barriers come with a 25-year warranty that the product will be free from holes, tears, off-gassing, and manufacturing defects. Let’s take a closer look!

How Does the YCS System Work?

Our proprietary crawlspace encapsulation system starts with the patented YCS Wall Curtain (or Wall Attachment Tape for foundation walls higher than 6 feet). The Wall System features an activation strip that, when combined with our proprietary YCS Magic Sealant/Adhesive, creates a permanent seal on any foundation surface: brick, stone, wood, metal, or stone!

Next up, a YCS 100% polyethylene vapor barrier is attached using our YCS Seam Tape or Seam Weld products to complete the seal. No mechanical fasteners or holes in the foundation required.

Check out our patented low-VOC YCS Magic Sealant/Adhesive in action below.

The Inside Scoop on Traditional Crawlspace Encapsulation Systems

Traditional encapsulation methods on the market today require drilling or shooting nails into the foundation of the home to “hang” the liner. Unfortunately, not only does this potentially damage the home’s foundation, but it also creates an inadequate seal that will eventually allow moisture intrusion. That’s because there is a void between each nail/pin injected into the wall.

In addition, traditional two-sided tapes and high-performance adhesives will not stick to plastic permanently, so you will eventually need to redo the encapsulation.

No thanks! With the YCS System, you only ever need to encapsulate your home once for a lifetime of peace of mind.

Ready to learn more about the YCS System?

We have a wide range of helpful resources on our site, including a full video library with our new series, Installation Insiders. You can also check out customer reviews and peruse our patented and innovative products!

Want to speak with one of our experienced YCS team members about your next job? We’re always here to help. Give us a call at 843-396-1510.

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