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Another successful crawl space encapsulation story

We got a call a few weeks ago from a customer, desperately looking for some answers. During the construction process, the floor system of the home to show signs of moisture damage (mold, mildew, etc..). The problem got significantly worse over the course of a few weeks when they finally realized that something had to be done. The homeowner wanted a solution to control the moisture levels in the crawlspace permanently. They wanted the wall vapor barrier to be totally sealed. However, they did not want to jeopardize the structural integrity of the foundation by using mechanical fasteners to attach the vapor barrier.

So, what was solution?

We provided our premium 36 mil drain matt ground vapor barrier, our patented crawl curtain, some 3" seam tape, and our Magic Adhesive. We didn't hear anything back until a couple weeks later when we received these pictures. Wow. What an awesome job. No dangerous nail guns and no holes drilled. Just a quality, encapsulated crawlspace system that is going to last as long as the house! We aim to provide our customers with the best vapor barrier systems on the market. Systems that are safe, simple and sealed. 

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